A welcoming, open spiritual community where You're Welcome Just As You are.


"Welcome Home, Friend ..." 


This is a welcoming and open spiritual community where You are Welcome to Come  Just as You Are, Whoever You Are, Wherever You Are Along Life's Journey.

We're located at 402 North First Street, Silverton, Oregon 97381

~ Sunday morning Worship ~

     9:30  ~  Prelude Music

   10:00  ~  Worship Service ~ with Open Communion each Sunday

The "Lullaby Room" (back of the sanctuary) is available for babies and their moms and dads.  Attendants in the "Toddler Room" (adjacent to the sanctuary) will welcome your toddlers and pre-schoolers.

If you prefer your child (K-4th) participate in Children's Church during the sermon and close of worship, they can go with Korinna and her helpers following Communion.

Themed "pew packets" are available in the entry area for children.  (Please return  the packets following worship so they can be prepared for next Sunday.)  

   11:15  ~  Family Time of Fellowship ~ coffee, tea,  

                        espresso cart, and treats            

   11:30  ~  Classes for All Ages (late September thru mid-May)



Our Sermon Series ...

Beginning January 5th, our new sermon series will focus on "The Sermon on the Mount" - Learning and living the core teachings of Jesus.

Senior Lunch Bunch - January 7th

Our  next Senior Lunch Bunch get-together will be on Tuesday, January 7, at  noon. We are going to have Linda McCallister as our guest. Linda has put  a notebook together that we lovingly call her "dead book". This sounds a  little grim but I encourage all who are interested to come as we  continue our discussion about end-of-life medical decisions.
Linda  put this notebook together a long time ago and she updates it every  year.   This contains all the information her children will need to  carry out Linda's final wishes. This includes all financial information,  wishes for her memorial service, and much much more. Linda presented  her notebook to us a few years ago during second hour and it was well  received. So, by popular demand, we are bringing her back.
All are welcome to attend, just bring a sack lunch and any questions you have about end-of-life decisions.

Seccond Hour Classes - Discussion Group in the Fireside Room beginning January 5th

Come join the discussion about what it means to become a "Healthy Christian".  Or, at least, health-ier!  

The  adult second hour class, starting January 5, will take on this topic  that affects all of us.  FOOD for the body, and for the mind, and for  the spirit.  How do we fit fitness into our fitful daily lives?  What  burdens and toxins do we needlessly bear?  What nurtures your spirit and  body and lightens your load?  Does the Bible give us any help or  guidance in all this?  And what are other good sources of wisdom and  help?

Women's Discussion Group - January 9th, 9:30 a.m.

Exciting  news ... the Women's Discussion Group will be meeting on January 9th at  9:30 a.m. in the Fireside Room. We will be reviewing "That The World May Know" video  series by Ray Vander Laan. These lessons of faith are filled with  amazing insights into the Bible, history of the Holy Land, and give us  an inspirational nudge to grow in spirit and faith. If you are planning  on making the upcoming Holy Land tour this study is for you.
If you have questions, please call Judy Kassell @ 503-873-5140. We look forward to our time together. Please join us.


Grief Support Group - 3rd Thursday (January 16th)

All are welcome to join the Grief  Support Group, led by Danika (Beard) Turney, in the Fireside Room every  third Thursday of the month at 6:00 p.m. Participants experience the  support and caring of other grieving persons, as well as receive helpful  information about grieving and the grief process.  

This time of the year can be even more of a challenge for those working through their journey.  Check in with folks and share some love and time.

Holy Land Trip Meeting - January 19th

 All  those signed up for the Holy Land & Passion Play - and anyone  interested in possibly going - are invited to an informational meeting  on Sunday, January 19, at 3:00 pm at  our church.  It will be a great opportunity to get acquainted with each  other and discuss what to expect, how to prepare, ideas and travel  tips.  Let's get excited  

Pan Ahead for the next Week of Compassion - February 16th-23rd

Begin planning now for your "investment in futures" through our Week of Compassion Offerings which will be taken in February.

Don't forget to plan ahead for the All Church Campout

Each June, we have an All Church Camp-out at South Beach State Park.  This year the dates are June 26th-28th .  In addition to fellowship and sharing meals, a worship service is held Sunday morning.  We still have a service at the church for those unable or choosing not to go to the beach and for visitors!    Reservations need to be made for camping spots as soon as possible - Loop B or as close as you can.  Come for one day or all!      www.reserveamerica.com

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