April 1 2019 News

Happy Spring!!

We are sending a big shout out to our high school kids that went on Mission to Mexico.  Thank you, Sydney, Romy, Owen, Angelo and Ryan for giving of yourself so selflessly for others.
Upcoming event:  The youth are needed to help serve and clean up after the Italian Dinner,  which is a fundraiser for Wednesday Night Dinner, as well as Silverton  Hospital Auxiliary, on Saturday, April 27th, at 5:30 p.m. I will be  texting parents with more details this week.  I would like to have two  different groups, one group would be servers and the other group would  come in after to help with clean up.
Our kids also have two fundraising opportunities.   Dale Mathews and Sonya Linn have both asked for the kids to come do  yard clean up for them.  This is a wonderful opportunity to raise money  for church camp, as well as for Mission to Mexico. 
Enjoy the sunshine as it comes.
Gail Frassenei, Youth Ministries Leader


March 2019 News

On February 10th, we hosted a district youth event.   We had kids from the following churches; Escuta E Fortaleza, Lebanon,  Keizer and Albany.  We broke up into groups of six with equal amounts of  kids from each church on each team so they could get to know each other  during an outdoor Valentine-themed picture scavenger hunt.  Each team  had to take pictures of at least one of their team members with each  item on their list.  

We also played sock tag, You bring a long pair of socks and roll one sock up into a ball and put it in the end of the other sock.  They broke up  into two teams and one team tries to whack the other team with their sock.  

We  finished off the night with dinner together.  I was so impressed with  my kids during dinner; they sat with other kids, not just their own  friends.  The kid I was most impressed with was Carson Brock, he sat at a  table that had no other Silverton kids at it and he engaged each one of  the other kids from the other churches into conversation and truly kept  eye contact and listened to each one as he asked questions so he could  get to know them better. We have so much to be proud of with our  Silverton kids!!!!!

With  the help of Erik and Kim Free, we are hoping to do this frequently and  go to other churches so our kids can see their friends from camp and  just make some new friendships within our denomination.  Friends are  always welcome to these events too.

     Gail Frassenei, Youth Ministries Leader



February 2019 News

Thank you to everyone who came to the Mission to Mexico breakfast on  January 20th and supported our young people with your donations to help  with their fees for their mission trip in March. The work they do in  Mexico is not only life changing for the families they are helping, but  it is also life changing for them as well. 

I have spoken to individuals about this, but never to the church as a whole. The interaction between our high school kids and our junior high kids is  simply amazing. The older kids just take the younger ones under their  wing, they talk to them like they are their equals (not like they are  annoying little kids, which they aren't), they are inclusive of them in  all the activities we have. There are many times I have witnessed an  older child mentoring a younger one during an activity that they are not  sure about or have no clue how to play or are maybe even a little  scared to try. They are truly a family and they care deeply about each  other and that is so heartwarming. 

Along with our regular meetings, I took the high school kids to Top Golf in  Hillsboro. It is a driving range on steroids. You hit certain targets  and receive points. I played, I was not good and yet the kids cheered me  on and never made me feel embarrassed.  This is just how they are. We  are all so blessed to have such amazing young people in our church.  Thank you to Ryan Brock for helping me drive and to Daniel and Jennifer  Côté for joining us there for some great fun. 

On February 10th at 4:30 p.m., the junior high, high school kids and I will be hosting a district youth night at  our church. We are looking forward to connecting with some of our  friends from camp. If anyone would like to help with snacks and  refreshments that night, please let me know. 

Gail Frassenei, Youth Ministries Leader


Our 2018 Haunted House Trip


Exciting/Fun Times with so much more ahead ...

19 youth and 4 adults all survived another year at Milburn’s Haunted Mansion - an ongoing tradition!!  

Shared stories of being scared stiff by zombies and snakes (of all things) - and loads of laughter and screams!!