Youth News!

              And just like that we say "Hello, December." 

The  high school and junior high youth started working on the pageant in  November, revising the scripts, getting all the costumes together (thank  you, Sarah Elder, for being in charge of that).  Now that we are in  December, the K-5 kids will join us during second hour to start  practicing their roles in the pageant. 

Our pageant is "How the Grinch Stole Christmas."  So  every single child will need brightly colored clothes, German outfits  will work great if you have any, bright gloves and scarves (other people  could lend those if you have them). We still need boxes and wrapping  paper as well. The high school and junior high kids will be having extra  youth group meetings this month to prepare for the pageant. And there  will be a dress rehearsal on Friday, December 14th (time to be  announced) for all of the kids. 

From all of our youth, we wish you a Christmas season full of love, light and wonderful friendship. 

            Gail Frassenei, Youth Director


November Notes - 

Second hour classes are  now in full swing and the high school has been learning how to have a  heart like God and the junior high group has been learning how to be a  friend and choose a friend by letting scripture guide them in what true  friendship is. 

In October we had our scary movie night (a not so scary movie for the junior high group) and our annual trip to Milburn's Haunted Manor in Hubbard.

November will be filled with the high school kids editing the scripts for the Christmas pageant and starting practice on their portion of the pageant with the younger kids joining in at the end of the month.

          Gail Frassenei, Youth Director 

Our 2018 Haunted House Trip

Exciting/Fun Times with so much more ahead ...

19 youth and 4 adults all survived another year at Milburn’s Haunted Mansion - an ongoing tradition!!  

Shared stories of being scared stiff by zombies and snakes (of all things) - and loads of laughter and screams!!