Youth News - February 1st, 2020



Second hour classes started  back up, we studied the 12 disciples starting in December and finished  them up in January.  We discovered that even the lesser known disciples  had contributions to Jesus' ministries and teachings.
We had a Nerf war one  night.  We evenly split up the teams between college-age helpers,  high-schoolers and junior high kids.  It is great to see even the  quietest of the kids come out of their shells when we engage in physical  group activities. 
We also had a movie night at my house.  We watched Overcomer and ate the kids favorite foods.  It is so important to have family  dinner with them, because just like with your own kids, when they are  filling their bellies somehow they feel more comfortable sharing about  themselves. 
Blessings to you all and thank you for sharing your kids with me.
Gail Frassenei
Youth Ministry Leader