Welcome One and All ...

 ... to each and Every One for you are All Family  ...

           "Welcome" from Silverton First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)!

May 1, 2020

As we continue to feel our way forward during this strange time of quarantines and cautions, I want to affirm that we are still a church!  We are very much alive and active, just in different ways.

Worship is happening  each Sunday morning, as I'm sure you are aware, and is available on  Facebook Live (tune in at 10 a.m., or any time after) and on YouTube.   And Korinna Barcroft, our children's ministry leader, is recording a  lesson & crafts time with her kids, for our families and everyone to  watch.  We are sending an email each week that includes the links for  all these.  Just click the blue links...it's that easy!  We are also  creating some DVDs of services for those who do not or cannot use those  formats.

These live-stream and  recorded services are possible thanks to the creative talents of Cara  Zitzelberger and her media helpers, and Gail Frassenei and her team of  musicians and vocalists.  Our little group gathers in the sanctuary on  Sunday mornings, we prepare and pray together, and then at 10 a.m. we  lead a simplified time of worship.  During Communion we encourage people  watching at home to participate with some bread and drink.  

When I get home  after worship, Christy and I sometimes search on Facebook and watch live  services of our sister churches, like Salem First Christian Church, or  Keizer, Corvallis, Albany, Eugene.  It's been a treat to see how they  are approaching worship online, and we enjoy listening to messages from  our friends and colleagues in our other Disciple churches.

Cindy and I continue  to work in the office.  I put blue painter's tape on the floor in front  of her desk and mine.  Just a reminder to observe physical distancing.   A few people stop by on most days, but certainly fewer than normal.   And the rest of the church buildings are empty and far too quiet.  

Gail is staying in  close touch with our youth, keeping connected through Zoom and calls and  texts.  Our custodian Libby continues to clean and sanitize the  facilities weekly.  The Elders meet using Zoom (so we can talk and see  each other's faces in all different places), and the Board also  continues to meet and conduct church business using Zoom.  The  transition team has met online also, and they will continue to report  their progress in newsletters as the church moves forward with an  interim minister in the months ahead.

Since the Wednesday  Community Dinner is not gathering these days, we have been helping those  in need with gift cards to Subway and Kenny's BBQ, as well as  deliveries of food to homes.  Some of us are making phone calls to check  on our church family members, helping out those in need, and we  continue to send out prayers on our prayer chain.  Let us know if  someone could use prayer or help.

Looking forward to seeing all of your faces some day!  In the meantime, I thank God that we are a resilient, creative, caring church family.  Keep healthy in body, mind, and spirit!  And God bless you. 


                  Pastor Steve