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           "Welcome" from Silverton First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)!

February 1, 2020

News from Pastor Steve - 


             So I announced retirement.  It will begin  July 1st,  Lots of mixed emotions.  Sad, and excited.  The unease of  unknowns, yet trusting in God.  But that's several months away.  Right now I am mostly thinking about...       

  • Next messages from Jesus' Sermon on the Mount: "Centered", "Relationships", "Just Do It".  I love, love, love  these challenging core teachings of Jesus.
  • Holy  Land trip prep is getting exciting.  We are 26 in number, got the group  together recently, and another meeting to come.  There's room for a few  more, however we are told there are very few Passion Play tickets  available, so if anyone wants to sign up, this is the time.
  • Second  Hour classes:  In-Betweeners adult group meets in my office with Sarah  Elder, and I hear they have all kinds of fun and great discussions.   Don't miss it! The "less young" adults meet in the Fireside Room, and we  have a couple more sessions on holistic health with Jennifer Stevens,  then will shift to Love Languages.
  • There's a rumor (OK, it's more than a rumor...my wife says it's true):  Little Kid's Choir is coming. Yay!
  • Nick  Robinson is "back in the saddle" as Lay Minister to Seniors.  He had  this role years ago, and is well suited to it. A people person through  and through, he will be available to help with rides to church and  visits with those in various need.  Thanks Nick!
  • Cherry  Hoffman continues in a similar role. She is a Commissioned Minister,  with a focus on ministering to seniors, Wednesday Community Dinner  hosting and supervising seminary students, working with homeless and  sheltering needs, and Silverton Hospital volunteer chaplain.  Thanks  Cherry!

Joy, Pastor Steve