Welcome One and All ...

 ... to each and Every One for you are All Family  ...

           "Welcome" from Silverton First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)!

December 1, 2019


     News from Pastor Steve ...

         One evening, during my recent renewal leave, Christy and I sat down to  enjoy dinner at Home Place Restaurant. Waved and nodded at some  familiar faces around the room. Food came. Ate and talked quite a while.  Other people came and left. We were in no rush. Finally, the waitress  walked up and said something that startled us. "You're all paid up."  "What?" "Someone paid for your dinner." "Really?" Wow.


        I'm remembering that unexpected act of kindness just now as we  begin to enter the season of much giving. This Christmas we will once  again give - and receive - some gifts. Mostly it will be stuff. I like  stuff! In our family we like to look at each other's wish lists and  sneak out and get some of that stuff. 

         There's all kinds of giving, and sometimes it's stuff and  sometimes it comes in other forms. Like paying for someone's dinner.  That felt like a hug. Written words on a card can hug someone. Or a hug!  That can feel like a hug, too.

       Many ways to give. How about a gift to Week of Compassion (weekofcompassion.org),  which is really a gift of help and hope for people all over the world  when disaster strikes. Or in honor of that animal lover in your family,  who doesn't really need any more stuff, you could give a gift of a goat  and some chickens to a struggling family through Heifer International (heifer.org).

        One year I received an envelope and inside was the picture of a  mountain trail. I knew what that meant...she was giving me the promise  of a hike together some day in the future. What a wonderful gift.

        God loved all the world so much that God gave. And when you and I  look at that manger bed, at the baby wrapped in swaddling cloths, it's  like we are being handed a gift that could turn our lives and this world  around. Set things right. A
gift of hope, new possibilities,  that is  of a love unending, of a life  - Life indeed.       Wow, what a hug.


        Pastor Steve