Special Announcements ...

Important Announcement from the Elders Chairperson (April 1, 2020)



I   hope you are all staying healthy and somewhat entertained during these   unprecedented times. Not since the Spanish flu of 1918 have places of   worship been closed across the United States. Thankfully we have the   technology to continue to hold our services and dedicated members and   staff to make it happen. 

To find the Sunday services live,   go to our Facebook page and follow the link starting at 10:00 a.m. We   have the worship team singing, a moment of reflection on communion,   prayers, and of course, Pastor Steve's message. 

What we do not have is an opportunity to continue to financially support the   congregation. Sadly, the needs of the church do not stop during the   shutdown. We have had numerous phone calls asking how you can continue   your generous offerings, and we have a few choices. You can mail us a   check or drop them in the mail slot at the office; you can also call   Cindy from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday, and give  her  your debit/credit card information. 

These are difficult times and we will continue to support our members and the community in anyway necessary. If you have a need for food, help to run errands, or just talk to someone, please call the   office, Pastor Steve, or one of the Elders, and we will do everything   we can to help you.

I  would ask that all of us utilize these quiet times to catch up on  reflective readings, add Bible time to your days and please Pray for the   world to be freed of this pandemic. 

May the peace and the glory of God continue to fill your lives,

Daniel Côté

Chair of the Elders

Second Hour Classes - Temporarily Cancelled due to the Pandemic

The In-Betweeners Second Hour Class meets in the Pastor's Study and is for anyone between college to retirement-age. We   have no agenda planned for our second hour gatherings and just go with   the flow. It's lots of fun! We would love to grow our group so I   encourage people to bring a friend or two! 

The  other option is open to all adults and meets in the Fireside Room.   This discussion group covers various topics and themes, usually led by  the Pastor.  (Books, Videos, Topical Discussions)

Opportunity Knocks!

There is a new program starting the first of March...

         There will be a "card table" in   the multi-purpose room after church. A variety of greeting cards will   be available for you to select from, write a note, address from the   directory, and leave in the mailing box. When Steve announces there is   someone ill, or having surgery, or a birthday, you can get a card ready   to mail while it is on your mind. There will also be member pictures   available to look through in case you are not sure who someone is. In   other words, you can put a face to the name. 

        By  the way, we are glad to take donated cards, if you have any laying  around your house that you are willing to give away.

                Thank you!

                      Ginni Stensland   

Senior Lunch Bunch - Temporarily cancelled due to the Pandemic

 As  everyone settles in to staying at home until this virus runs  its  course, we are cancelling Senior Lunch Bunch until church services  resume again in the next few or more weeks.  After this is all over we   will be picking up with some really fun guests.

Keep watching the newsletter and church emails for when normal church functions and activities can resume. 

SCHOLARSHIPS Available - May 3rd Deadline (Annually)

 All First Christian Church regularly attending high school seniors have been mailed scholarship information and forms. Please remember that the deadline for turning in applications is May 3 at noon. 

Grief Support Group - 3rd Thursday - Temporarily cancelled due to the Pandemic

All are welcome to join the  Grief  Support Group, led by Danika (Beard) Turney, in the Fireside  Room every  third Thursday of the month at 6:00 p.m. Participants  experience the  support and caring of other grieving persons, as well as  receive helpful  information about grieving and the grief process.  

This  time of the year can be even more of a challenge for those working  through their journey.  Check in with folks and share some love and ti

Holy Land Trip - Date changed to 2022 as of April 2020

We  were very  sad and disappointed that the Holy Land & Passion Play  tour had to  be postponed due to the coronavirus disruption of  international travel.  Israel, concerned for the safety of citizens and  travelers, is closed to  visitors at this time.  And the Oberammergau  committee decided to  cancel the Passion Play for this year and move all  performances to  2022.  Given this situation, over 90% of tour groups  affected have  decided to reschedule to 2022.  This is what our group is  doing.  We  plan to go on the same trip, same awesome itinerary, around  the same  time in May 2022.  Now there's time for more folks to sign  up.    

All Church Camp-out - Check back for any Pandemic-related changes

Each June, we have an All Church Camp-out at South Beach State  Park.  This year the dates are June 26th-28th .  In addition to  fellowship and sharing meals, a worship service is held Sunday morning.   We still have a service at the church for those unable or choosing not  to go to the beach and for visitors!    Reservations need to be made for  camping spots as soon as possible - Loop B or as close as you can.   Come for one day or all!      www.reserveamerica.com 

Regional Representatives - Youth & Board

    The  Regional Board of the Christian Church in Oregon & SW Idaho   oversees the ministries done together by Disciples in our area. Allison Zitzelberger from   Silverton FCC will be one of two youth representatives who are a   liaison between the Regional Board and youth in our congregations.         

       Like   other regional board members, the youth members share information  about  regional church programs and relay concerns and questions from  the  churches to the board. They review the programs and expenses of the   regional church and learn about Global Ministries, Week of Compassion,   New Church Ministry and many other activities of the regional church. 

       Marcus Clark, also   from Silverton FCC, has served on the Regional Board for the past two   years and will continue as a Santiam District representative. The   regional board meets three times per year.

                Doug Wirt

                   Co-Regional Minister

                      Christian Church in Oregon & SW Idaho