Senior Lunch Bunch!!

Senior  Lunch Bunch meets on the first Tuesday of every month at noon. Bring  your own lunch and join us in good conversation and a guest who we will  be putting on the "hot seat" and hopefully find out a little about them.  Sometimes instead of a guest we will have some kind of workshop. 


For  our October meeting we invited Rev. Reneé to be with us and tell us a  little about herself.  There was a good group and we were able to ask  her questions about her life and get to know her a little.  It was great  fun, with lots of stories and laughter.

For  our November get together, Noel Philips will be with us. Noel is a  retired Chaplain from Salem Hospital and he will be taking us through  DNRs and Advanced Directives.  If we find ourselves in a  life-threatening situation the medical professionals, whether its  paramedics who take us to an emergency room or the medical people who  are taking care of us, need to know what our wishes are for treatment.   This is a way to make our decisions before we are in a situation where  others have to make it for us.

      We will meet on Tuesday, November 4th, at noon, in the multipurpose  room. Be sure and bring your own lunch.   Everyone is more than welcome  to attend.  Any questions may be directed to Cherry Hoffman through the church office at 503-873-6620.