Our Leadership

Our leadership is made up of an elected General Board responsible for governing and providing oversight for the church's affairs.  With the results of our June 9th Congregational Meeting, the following is our 2019-2020 Board of Directors effective July 1st - 


  • Board Chair - Clint Sanford
  • Vice Chair - Dave Bayer
  • Treasurer - Jennifer Clark
  • Secretary - Sue Price
  • Financial Secretary - Verlene Beard
  • Assistant Financial Secretary - Erin Stone
  • Trustee Chairperson - Allan Graves

Appointed to the Board

  • Elder Chairperson - Daniel Cote'
  • Deacon Chairperson - Dennis Hadley
  • CWF (Christian Women's Fellowship) Chairperson - Lynn Koenig
  • Oktoberfest Chairperson - Jennifer Cote'


Our Elders, alongside the Pastor, minister to the needs of the church family, administer Communion, oversee and pray for all, and minister to the Pastor and their family.  The current Elders are:

  1. Ginni Stensland
  2. Tootie Marcum
  3. Lynn Koenig
  4. Julie Bersin 
  5. Jon Koenig
  6. Daniel Cote', Chairperson
  7. Ric Dettwyler
  8. Cara Zitzelberger
  9. Marcus Clark
  10. Donna Laney

If you are home-bound or in a care facility and would like communion served to you where you are, please contact the office at 503-873-6620 or e-mail so it can be arranged.


Our Diaconate is a group of volunteers who serve in practical ministries such as greeting, serving Communion and receiving Offerings.  

Leading in their specific roles -

Led and Guided by our amazing and loving Pastor - Steve Knox ...

  • Commissioned Minister (volunteer chaplain/Silverton Legacy, homeless and sheltering needs, senior ministries, Wednesday Community Dinner hosting) - Cherry Hoffman
  • Lay Minister to Seniors - Nick Robinson
  • Church Secretary - Cindy Schmidt
  • Keeper of the House - Libby Bordewich
  • Children's Ministry Leader (K-5th) - Korinna Barcroft  - effective January 1, 2020  (and helpers)
  • Youth Ministry Leader (6th-12th grades) - Gail Frassenei  
  • Music Team Leader - Gail Frassenei


  • Audio/Video Team led by Stephen Hensley & Cara Zitzelberger ( Angelo, Sarah, Ryan, Erik, Alina, Kami, Isaiah, Lulu)
  • 2nd  Hour Discussion Groups for Adults:  "In-Betweeners" led by Sarah Elder;  All Adults in a discussion group in the Fireside Room with various  leaders and themes
  • Communion Preparation - Allan  & Sheila Graves
  • Flowers - Mary Wrolstad & Friends
  • Pew Packets - Kathy Lamoreaux
  • Nursery/Toddler Care - under leadership of Sandi Hadley-White and Cara Zitzelberger
  • Coffee Minute Organizer - Cordie Brown
  • Espresso Cart Coordinators - the High School Youth
  • Christian Women's Fellowship Leader - Lynn Koenig
  • Women's Bible Study/Discussion Group Leader - Judy Kassell
  • Weekly Bible Study Group Leader - Ric Dettwyler
  • Oktoberfest Chairperson - Jennifer Cote'
  • Christmas Bazaar Chairpersons - Heather Brock and Lynn Koenig 

And ...

We appreciate those who lead our 

  • Prayer Shawl Ministry, 
  • Senior Lunch Bunch, 
  • those who volunteer to be greeters,
  • those who volunteer to cover "coffee/chat time" with treats and beverages,
  • those who help "flower up" the worship area ...
  • as well as those who step up to do "Kid Time" during the service as well.  

These groups exist so we may connect with and support each other.  Come join in ... offer to help - Find Your Niche'