Our musical coordinating team works alongside Pastor Steve in providing a variety of music to serve the fellowship.  We have one worship service with such a diverse family that diversity in music is essential!  In addition to music during worship, the 30 minutes before regular worship begins (9:30 to 10:00) is filled with a variety of music "intended to be in the background" to help set the tone for what is to come. During this prelude time, when the words are shared on the screen, the congregation is encouraged to join in and sing.  

Our sanctuary has a drop-down screen and we make use of PowerPoint and videos  We also have TV Monitors in the narthex, lullaby room, and toddler room so folks in those areas can be a part of the service. When large services such as funerals or weddings are held, the multi-purpose room is wired for overflow audio and video as well.

The music team consists of:   

Gail Frassenei, Music Team Leader - Piano/Keyboard/Vocals

Christy Knox, Piano

John Meye, Piano/Keyboard

Erik Morgan, Box Drum

Nicola Boring-Mackie, Vocals

Wendy King, Vocals

Lynne Koenig, Vocals

and Ryan (on Bass), Jalysa (Vocals), and Paige (Vocals)

If you play an instrument, are interested in singing a solo or in a duet or ensemble, or have a special reading you would like to share during "Sharing in Music," please contact Gail to share your desire and discuss the schedule.

The Media/Sound Team is led by Steve Hensley and Cara Zitzelberger and includes youth and young adults from the congregation.  (Angelo, Sarah, Ryan, Erik, Alina, Kami, Isaiah, and others). 

Highlights of the service and the entire sermon are recorded by our media team, then shared on the local community TV program coordinated by the Silverton High School tech classes.