CWF ~ Christian Women's Fellowship

Women's Christmas Tea - December 14th

Ladies  of all ages are invited to our annual Christmas Tea being held this  year on Saturday, December 14th, at 10:00 a.m., at the home of Donna  Laney's.  Please RSVP the church office at 503-873-6620 by December 12thh and indicate if you'll be carpooling from the church parking lot.  


Report on the Christmas Bazaar


CWF had our Bazaar wrap-up meeting and were pleased to have made $2,217.46.  Our booth space rental made $491.50; Cookies-by-the-Pound, $739;  lunches, $949.20; and Grab Bag items, $609.61. After expenses, we did  very well. 

Our  gift wrapping ladies would like me to encourage you to continue to  bring donations for the Grab Bag booth as you know they are a great hit.  They ran out of items this year and could have sold many more if they had them ... so it is a good time to clean out cabinets and closets, and  as you put away your Christmas items, please consider donating what you  no longer need or want to the Grab Bag.

I  have also been asked what CWF does with their money. Last year we paid  to have the eight graduation quilts made, furnished the new Cry Room in  the back of the church, furnished the new Toddler Nursery and made a  matching contribution to the Building Remodel Fund. We also have women's  events, like our Christmas Ladies Tea on December 14th. 

I  have always thought that everyone knew what CWF is, but I was asked  this month what the purpose of our group is so would like to share that  with you as well. 

Christian  Women's Fellowship includes all the women of the church who wish to  participate. Our purpose, as written by Women's Ministries, is "to  provide opportunities for spiritual growth, enrichment, education and  creative ministries to enable women to develop a sense of personal  responsibility for the whole mission of the Church of Jesus Christ." So  we encourage all women to participate in each of our events and share  our love of Jesus Christ with one another. 

We look forward to seeing you at the Women's Christmas Tea on December 14th.

Lynn Koenig

CWF Chairwoman