CWF ~ Christian Women's Fellowship

May Event!

(Shared in the May 1, 2020 Newsletter)


Dear Sisters,   This  is a quick invitation for EVERY Disciples woman in the western United  States (and hey, if you get this email and you live somewhere else,  you're still welcome to join us) to attend a MINI MEET online on  Saturday, May 2 at 3:00 p.m. Pacific / 4:00 p.m. Mountain.   Lots  of you know that we have postponed the in-person retreat for The Wild  Women of the West, as we affectionately call ourselves, but that is not  going to stop us from gathering online! Whether or not you were  registered for the event or you're hearing about this group for the  first time, you are invited to join us and get excited about being part  of this amazing cohort of Disciples women.   

Mark your calendars for Saturday, May 2 at 3:00 p.m. Pacific / 4:00 p.m. Mountain time!   We will gather on Zoom and try to simultaneously broadcast it LIVE in  our Facebook group (which, hey, you should join if you haven't already  (please contact the church for the link if you wish to join this group).   On May 2, you'll have the opportunity to hear from Rev. Dr. LaTaunya M. Bynum, Regional Minister of the CCNC-N Region, and from Rev. Lori Tapia, the pastor of Obra Hispana.  Both women are POWERHOUSES, and you'll be glad that you connected with them! Plan on meeting for about 30 minutes.   Those  who wish to remain on the Zoom call for fellowship will breakout into  small groups and be given time to process the pandemic prayerfully and  how it impacts their lives. Notice that the fellowship portion will not  be recorded and only be possible thru Zoom.   To join a Zoom meeting, you can use your webcam on a computer or mobile device OR you can dial in using your phone.   EVERY Disciples woman is invited!   If  you know of someone not registered for our event, simply send them the  link that you can get by contacting your individual church and make sure  they enter their email address into the subscribe box.   

Some Nuts and Bolts about the Zoom Call 

  • We will begin the call promptly at 3:00 p.m. Pacific / 4:00 p.m. Mountain via Zoom.
  • To minimize security risks, we ask that you not share this link via social media, but only via email to fellow Disciple Women.
  • Please  keep the meeting ID and Password handy (you might not need to enter the  password, but don't get stuck without it just in case). We will email  this out again ahead of time as well.

To  ensure a smooth Zoom call (we know a lot of you are experts by now!),  your sound will be OFF, and your video will be ON (but you can turn it  off if you wish). We'll use the chat box to communicate.   Thanks  everyone! Your team is excited about this, and we're glad to be able to  be present with one another during these strange times that we're in  through this virtual format.   Blessings, Raiza Spratt & Cathy Perring your Wild Women of the West Co-Coordinators   

Any  ladies from the church wishing to attend this Zoom mini-meet, please  contact the church office at 503-873-6620 and we will provide you with  the link to register and Facebook and Zoom information. 

"Bazaar or No Bazaar" for 2020 ...


The Christmas Bazaar was, once again, a great success in 2019 thanks to everyone who volunteered to help. Thanks to all of you!!

The  Bazaar is a large project and CWF's main fundraiser each year. It has  made it possible for us to be able to sponsor women's events and assist  the church with other projects. 

This  year was difficult as we lost several of our chairmen so the rest of us  had to step up and do double duty. I think there are many people who  are qualified to do these jobs. There are many of us who have done them  and are willing to work beside and help others learn what we do. Unfortunately, we will not be able to have a bazaar in the future if people do not volunteer to take some of these positions.  There are many, but if we have a full team of volunteers, it is easy  for each of us. We have faithful vendors who have returned year after  year and we need to let them know by March if we will be continuing with  the bazaar. They need to have an opportunity to find other bazaars to  participate in if we do not have ours. 

We have been visiting other bazaars to see how they are doing and  if they are still a successful fundraising method. We have seen good  participation, 50/50 younger and older vendors and shoppers. We are one  of the only bazaars that we found served a lunch. Greeters and door  prizes were at several bazaars. Our conclusion is that it is still a  successful way to raise funds. 

       At the present time the positions that are in need of being filled are:

                                   Chairman                                       Lunch Chairman       

                                    Publicity Chairman                     Vendor Chairman    

                                    Room set up/take-down            Greeters

                                    Large sign placement                  Door Prizes

                                    Raffle Chairman

We are happy to assist any chairman with their first year. We will  have job descriptions for each position for those interested. We hope  and pray that you will consider stepping up and filling some of these  positions. 

Thank you, Lynn Koenig