FCC Children's Ministry!

Welcome to our new Leader who came on board December 1, 2018!

Hello,  my name is Joseph Dyer and I am the new Children's Ministry Leader! 

I  was told by Pastor Steve I should let you know a little about who I am,  so here you go. 

I have lived in Oregon most of my life and enjoy hiking,  working outside, playing music, and working with youth. I have played  music for a majority of my life and a majority of that has been taken over by the Clarinet. My passion for working with youth started at Salem FCC (where I grew up), and there I have held a few positions in  children's ministry, middle and high school, and the sound and audio departments. 

Currently, during the week, I work with the YMCA as the  sports' coordinator and volunteer on Monday nights with Young Life. I am  excited to start this new chapter in my life with Silverton FCC and  can't wait to help these young people grow!

Joe Dyer, Children's Ministry Leader


July 2019 - Children's Ministry News!


 Hello  Friends!  We have started painting in the first Sunday School room,  carpet has been replaced, and we are working to get the rooms in tiptop  shape for the school year.  Our goal with this remodel is to create a  place where the kids are able to learn about Jesus in new and creative  ways.  

July  will be a crazy month for me as I am helping with various camps.  If  you would like to help out during the year or have specific months you  want to volunteer, please contact me so we can set you up for success! 
August  is the storm before the school year and for some families gathering  those supplies and clothes are harder than others.  We ask that during  that month (the drive ends August 20), if you can, bring in various  supplies for those kids who otherwise can't afford school supplies.  

By  the start of the Fall the rooms will be almost, if not all the way,  complete! You are all amazing, if you have any skills that pertain to  building, painting, or Do-It-Yourselfing, please let me know so we can  get those rooms done faster!  Thank  you for all your help and all you  do for the church!

    Joe Dyer
Children's Ministry Leader

June 2019 Children's Ministry News!


Hello  Church Family! 

 We are getting excited in the children's realm as games  have been coming in and classrooms are now cleared, cleaned and updates  are happening! We are working to make a great space for kids to learn  about Jesus, his love for the world and still have fun in the process. 
This  church family is awesome and welcoming and I appreciate all of your  help.  Stayed tuned, we will be looking for some help in the next couple  months to help paint and do other projects.  You are fantastic!  Thank  you everyone!
    Joe Dyer
           Children's Ministry Leader

April 2019 Children's Ministries News!

I  would like to take the time to introduce myself again, my name is Joseph Dyer and I am the Children's Ministry leader. You all are  wonderful and I wanted to thank you for making me feel welcome and for all the encouraging thoughts and prayers. It is a pleasure to be here at this church and serving the kids.

This article is about the children not me. They aren't mighty in numbers but they are excited for sure;  however, in order for them to grow in faith and numbers, we need to go  to them and learn their interests. To get there, there are a few  changes/improvements that we are currently exploring and to achieve them we will be looking for a few donations soon! Currently, we could use a few board games (new or used games with all the pieces).

You  all are wonderful and I thank you for your generosity and willingness  to volunteer and bringing your kids to Children's Church.

Joe Dyer

Children's Ministry Leader