November 2019 Children's Ministry News

    In  life we have times that create stress and confusion and sometimes we  don't know how to handle them. In that time we forget to do things  because we are focused on the stress rather than what is in front of us  and what is important. For me this stress has come as the YMCA starts  basketball season and I almost forgot to send this article to Cindy. On  top of that, I am also looking at going to school and decisions I have  put off are starting to haunt me.
By  now you're probably wondering how this pertains to kids. As I am the  children's minister, not the adult minister, it goes like this, in the  Gospel the Disciples told the kids to stay away from Jesus as to not  disrupt his teachings, however, Jesus calls them forward and says: "Let  the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom  of God belongs to such as these." Luke 18:16
So  how does the first paragraph tie into the second paragraph? Like this.  In times of stress we forget that it is important to have fun and to  embrace our inner kid. Jesus said it very simply and I quoted him above,  "the kingdom of God belongs to such as these." Don't let stress or  anger or anything blind you from having fun or doing what you love. Work  will always be there.
Now  about the kids' rooms, I would like to give a huge shout out to Ron  Thomas, Clint Sanford and Ken Brock and all the people who have helped  get these rooms moving and looking good! The Creation Station cabinets  and counters are almost complete, as are the windows in the doors,  and on top of that, we are looking for some people who like to paint  artistically to help us out with some words and other little things. If  that is you, please come talk to me after church on Sunday or leave a  note in my box.

Joe Dyer, Children's Ministry Leader 

October 2019 Children's Ministry News


October 2019 - Children's Ministry News !

School  is in session! Some parents are excited, most kids are not.  Fortunately, this means Second Hour is here as well! We have some  new games we will be trying out, old games we will continue, new twists  to lessons, and continued renovations to the other classrooms. 
This  year the "Pageant" will be more of a Live Nativity with songs and  scripture (we may even have live animals, *Big Maybe*), then we will  have a Happy Birthday celebration. The nativity will be during church.  New twists to old lessons.
Another  thing we are looking forward to is the ability to create lessons that  correlate with the sermon, especially on days the kids are in church.  Starting September 22nd we will be keeping the kids in the sanctuary on the 4th and 5th Sundays of the month. This gives each kid the ability to hear from  Pastor Steve and then ask questions later in Second Hour class. Looking  to the past to help the future.
Lastly,  I am personally excited about how the rooms are turning out so far. If  you have not made it back to the kids' rooms yet, please go check them  out and say a little prayer for each room and each kid. "Where two or  more gather in my name, there am I with them." Matthew 18:20
Thank  you for the continued support and all that you are contributing to our  program. If you would like to help out, please come talk to me at church  and we will figure something out!
Joe Dyer, Children's Ministry Leader


September 2019 Children Ministry News!


Fall  Kickoff Kids' Party

September 8, following worship,

at Chase & Elia Annen's (14358 Dominic Rd. NE - Mt. Angel)


Bounce House!

Games with Joe!


  "It doesn't matter where we Start, however, It does matter where we Finish." -Gary Vee

In  this life, it doesn't matter where we begin, it doesn't matter our past  (society tries to tell us differently), it's where we finish that  everything comes together. Life is a roller coaster, but we have to  adapt and continue to grow.  If our life dips, God will bring you back  up, we just have to have faith that no matter what, Jesus will have your  back.  It's not where we start but where we finish. If you are a  non-believer, that is ok, our goal is not to convert you but to show you  what the Love of Jesus Looks Like.  We are not God or Jesus or even the  Spirit.  We are his Children.  I know we as Christians don't allow  ourselves to show his love, but we try, we are human like you.  We are  tempted, tried, and most of the time we fail, even for little things.   The thing is, we know that Jesus will forgive us for what we have done,  because it's not where we began, but where we have finished.

If  Life has got you down and you feel like you aren't coming back up, we  got you.  We may not know your personal pain, but we have been somewhere  near what you have gone through.  We are here to help, you just have to  let someone know, even just asking for someone to pray for you.  If you  feel like you are on the top of the world, that is great news! There  are so many people who want to be up there with you, sharing your story  with people who ask what you have done could be your ministry, because  chances are you may not have had an easy ride. It's not where we begin  but where we finish. 

Personally,  God has blessed my life abundantly.  I get to work with youth of all  ages, I get to play music, and enjoy life (in the extra time I get).   This world is what we make of it, even if we have hardships that cross  our path, we have the chance to look up and thank our God for what he  has blessed us with. Life is a roller coaster, but it doesn't matter how  we start the ride, it matters how we finish the ride and if we are able  to look back say, "Yeah, there were some ups and downs, but I still had  fun, I still had a good life."  That is great!   We need more people  like you in this world, so please help us spread the positiveness.  If  you are not there yet, then what can we do today to help you do that for  you? It doesn't matter what age you are, 3 or 103, as a church our goal  should be to help support you and help you grow. You are all amazing  and I know God has amazing plans for your future.

In other news: We have finished painting our  main Sunday school room, started on another room, and we are excited  for this upcoming school year.  We are still looking for school supplies for families in need and if you would like to donate to the kids rooms to help us, let me know and I will tell you what we need!
Joe Dyer, Children's Ministry Leader

July/August 2019 - Children's Ministry News!


 Hello  Friends!  We have started painting in the first Sunday School room,  carpet has been replaced, and we are working to get the rooms in tiptop  shape for the school year.  Our goal with this remodel is to create a  place where the kids are able to learn about Jesus in new and creative  ways.  

July  will be a crazy month for me as I am helping with various camps.  If  you would like to help out during the year or have specific months you  want to volunteer, please contact me so we can set you up for success! 
August  is the storm before the school year and for some families gathering  those supplies and clothes are harder than others.  We ask that during  that month (the drive ends August 20), if you can, bring in various  supplies for those kids who otherwise can't afford school supplies.  

By  the start of the Fall the rooms will be almost, if not all the way,  complete! You are all amazing, if you have any skills that pertain to  building, painting, or Do-It-Yourselfing, please let me know so we can  get those rooms done faster!  Thank  you for all your help and all you  do for the church!

    Joe Dyer
Children's Ministry Leader

June 2019 Children's Ministry News!


Hello  Church Family! 

 We are getting excited in the children's realm as games  have been coming in and classrooms are now cleared, cleaned and updates  are happening! We are working to make a great space for kids to learn  about Jesus, his love for the world and still have fun in the process. 
This  church family is awesome and welcoming and I appreciate all of your  help.  Stayed tuned, we will be looking for some help in the next couple  months to help paint and do other projects.  You are fantastic!  Thank  you everyone!
    Joe Dyer
           Children's Ministry Leader

April 2019 Children's Ministries News!

I  would like to take the time to introduce myself again, my name is Joseph Dyer and I am the Children's Ministry leader. You all are  wonderful and I wanted to thank you for making me feel welcome and for all the encouraging thoughts and prayers. It is a pleasure to be here at this church and serving the kids.

This article is about the children not me. They aren't mighty in numbers but they are excited for sure;  however, in order for them to grow in faith and numbers, we need to go  to them and learn their interests. To get there, there are a few  changes/improvements that we are currently exploring and to achieve them we will be looking for a few donations soon! Currently, we could use a few board games (new or used games with all the pieces).

You  all are wonderful and I thank you for your generosity and willingness  to volunteer and bringing your kids to Children's Church.

Joe Dyer

Children's Ministry Leader

FCC Children's Ministry!

Welcome to our new Leader who came on board December 1, 2018!

Hello,  my name is Joseph Dyer and I am the new Children's Ministry Leader! 

I  was told by Pastor Steve I should let you know a little about who I am,  so here you go. 

I have lived in Oregon most of my life and enjoy hiking,  working outside, playing music, and working with youth. I have played  music for a majority of my life and a majority of that has been taken over by the Clarinet. My passion for working with youth started at Salem FCC (where I grew up), and there I have held a few positions in  children's ministry, middle and high school, and the sound and audio departments. 

Currently, during the week, I work with the YMCA as the  sports' coordinator and volunteer on Monday nights with Young Life. I am  excited to start this new chapter in my life with Silverton FCC and  can't wait to help these young people grow!

Joe Dyer, Children's Ministry Leader


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