University in Eugene, Oregon


Northwest Christian University - now "Bushnell University"

        Northwest Christian University in Eugene has educated and  inspired students to pursue Christian ministries and missions and has  long been supported by our church.  We have encouraged young people to  consider attending NCU, and several of the ministers who have served  this congregation are NCU alumni (including Pastor Steve and Pastor Dale  Moore).  

        As other colleges have done, NCU has decided it would be  beneficial to change their name. Beginning July 1st, the new name will  be Bushnell University.  New name, same mission.  From the website:   "The mission of the university remains exactly the same: the pursuit of  wisdom, centered on our faith in Jesus Christ, leading to lives of  Christian service..."

        Why the change?  "Changing our name to Bushnell University allows  us to reach beyond the Northwest, to students nationally and globally."   Why Bushnell? James A. Bushnell was the first President of the Board of  Regents, partnering with Eugene Sanderson to found Eugene Divinity  School in 1895.  He came across the Oregon trail to live in the  Willamette Valley, started the first Chamber of Commerce in the area,  founded and became president of the first bank in Junction City, built a  hotel/opera house, helped to start several churches and funded the  pastor's salaries, served on the State Missionary Board, and much more.   "James A. Bushnell and his family truly emulate all that we aspire to  be missionally as a university."

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Northwest  Christian University is a private, Christian liberal arts college in  Eugene, Oregon. It is historically affiliated with the Christian Church  and the Christian churches and churches of Christ. In March 2020, it was  announced that NCU will be changing its name to Bushnell University in  May 2020. Wikipedia

Address: 828 E 11th Ave, Eugene, OR 97401

Phone: (541) 684-7201

Undergraduate enrollment: 571 (2017–18)