Building On The Future

Remodel Wrap-Up

"Yahoo!! We did it!! We finished on time and under budget. Guess I won't be running for any political office, I'm not qualified.

Thank  you for putting up with me being grumpy at times. There were a lot of  questions and sometimes I was a little short with you. For most of them,  the decision was already made and we were too far in to make some  changes that were suggested. I think the design and decoration  committees did a great job.

This project took a long time to come together and not such a long time to complete.

While  the entire congregation was involved in someway or another, some were  actively involved in the day-to-day routine of the remodel. I am not  going to try and thank each of you, because you know who I mean, and I  would forget somebody. But without your input we wouldn't have achieved  such a beautiful end result.
I am officially turning in my chairman's hat. We have completed the portion of the remodel that I was in charge of.
There  are still some finishing touches to be done that the board is reviewing  and getting done. If you have any suggestions, please write them down and turn it into the office. Please do not bring them to me. The board will review them and make the decision if we will implement them.

Thanks again for all your help, now let's all enjoy it!
         Ken Brock"


As members before us have taken on remodel and building addition projects to build on and toward the future, "it's our turn" ...

Working under a tight schedule with excellent contractors and Ken Brock as our "member coordinating," we met our goal of holding our first service in the remodeled sanctuary on "Thanksgiving Sunday," November 18th.  The timing also allowed us the opportunity to once again host the Community Thanksgiving Service and Pie Social that evening!   

The  street-view of the church building went through some major changes - opening up the walls with clear glass instead of stained glass panels - providing what we feel is a more welcoming "site."  An ADA door was installed for ease of access as well.  Two TV Monitors were added which will allow those entering (or standing in the narthex) to see what is happening in the service and/or perhaps review announcements.    Historical documents from the old church library will be rotated for display in one of two new glass cabinets in the narthex. 

A new baby nursery/enlarged and enclosed "cry room"  has been added in the narthex area along with two unisex  restrooms.  These have been desired updates for some time, with  restrooms much more convenient and with the baby nursery in much closer  proximity to parents/grandparents who want to spend a quieter time with their wee ones while still worshiping in the sanctuary!  The room includes a TV Monitor - should there be a need to close the curtain for privacy, those in the room can still "participate" in the service.  

A  classroom right around the corner was remodeled as a "Toddler  Room," again, keeping toddlers and their parents in closer proximity  during worship.   A TV Monitor is also in place in that room.  An additional storage room has also been created  across from the side door to the multipurpose room.    

Our  audio/visual has been totally updated, an ADA ramp added, and cut-away pew for ADA  access has been added on each side of the sanctuary.  The 'stage' area is being redesigned ... opened up for more ease of adapting to needs. A beautiful new "moveable pulpit" was created by Ed Jenkins of Scotts Mills.  Banners and other decor changes will be noted as the seasons and themes change.  Lots of  wonderful changes!!

The church family took on a challenge of raising $100,000 "asap" to help pay some of the remodel expenses off sooner.  As of September 30, $94,425 has been raised toward that goal! Before we reached our November 18th date, the donations had reached $107,000 - all of which will be important in the church paying down the remodel.  

We're working on a 'grand reopening/dedication' for the community to share in - and will keep folks posted as plans are made  Projections are toward January or February.

On  Father's Day (June 17th, 2018), we moved our worship service into the  multipurpose room and we worshiped around the round tables each  Sunday.  The "team" of folks who volunteered decked out  the  tables out with lovely green table cloths (provided by Nellie Graves),  handmade doilies (made by Raleen Hungate's mother) and handmade crosses  with various scriptures (made by Allan & Sheila Graves) ... and  their 'team' of helpers who set out and gather up hymnals ...

Who knows?  Perhaps a time of worship may be held in that area from time to time - just to make life even more interesting than it already is!  

All for the glory of Abba: of God, of Jesus Christ, and of the Holy Spirit ...  Shalom