Graduated from High School and not yet retired?

A new discussion group formed beginning in the fall of 2018 and is currently under the leadership of Sarah Elder, focused on the "tweeners" ... their developing relationships, friendships, and discussing life issues with the support of church family!  They meet each Sunday during second hour in the Pastor's Study.  Single, couples, part of a couple ...  


The In-Betweeners Second Hour Class is for anyone between college to retirement-age. We  have no agenda planned for our second hour gatherings and just go with  the flow. It's lots of fun! We would love to grow our group so I  encourage people to bring a friend or two! 

I want to thank Gail Frassenei for  hosting our game night/potluck at her home in January. We don't have  another event planned yet, but tossing around some ideas, maybe a beach  weekend, a bbq ... who knows! 

Come join us!

Sarah Elder

Adult Discussion - all ages



Come join the discussion about what it means to become a "Healthy Christian".  Or, at least, health-ier!  

The  adult second hour class, starting January 5, began focusing on this topic  that affects all of us.  FOOD for the body, and for the mind, and for  the spirit.  How do we fit fitness into our fitful daily lives?  What  burdens and toxins do we needlessly bear?  What nurtures your spirit and  body and lightens your load?  Does the Bible give us any help or  guidance in all this?  And what are other good sources of wisdom and  help?

February 16th, we will shift to a study on the Languages of Love!